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Jesus Take The Wheel: Dabawi Man Jumps Off Worlds Tallest Building After Vacation Request Was Denied!!

There had to have been a shorter building that this guy could have jumped off to get the same affect…

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A man threw himself off the world’s tallest building in Dubai, its developer said, plummeting

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Hi Hater: Faux News Labels Common A “Vile Rapper”

Does this look like the picture of someone “vile”???

Fox “Faux” News reported on Michelle Obama having rapper Common come perform a poetry reading at the White House. In the headline of the post they refer to Common as a

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New Couple?? Is Miley Cyrus Using Her Salvia Smokin’ Swag To Seduce The Governator’s Son???

Young Patrick Schwarzenegger might need a lil consoling after his mom and dad’s divorce.

MILEY CYRUS has hit the boyfriend jackpot!

After doomed love affairs with several up and coming hunks the former “Hannah Montana” cutie is heating up with

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This Dude Right Here Ain’t Sh*t FOR REAL!!!

Epitome of a bad father is just the tip of the iceberg, when describing this trifling, sorry, piece of sh*t.

This scum of the earth actually had nerve to use his two-year-old and three-year-old as human shields!!! After he was

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#Winning: Charlie Sheen And Snoopy D-O-Double-Gizzle Will Bring The Slogan To Life With New Song!

We should have seen THIS one coming a mile away…

It’s only a matter of time before Charlie Sheen’s face is plastered next to the word ‘winning’ in the dictionary — but for now, he’ll just have to settle for

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Oh Behave! Celebrities Caught Doin’ The Nasty When They Least Expected It

We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re in public, and you feel a lil somethin somethin in your nose, a wedgie building in you pants, or something in your mouth that has to get spit out IMMEDIATELY.

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Wisconsin Judge To Sex Offender: “I Think You Were Born Gayer Than A Sweet Smelling Jockstrap!”

Pure comedy or totally inappropriate? Wisconsin Judge Philip Kirk went in a little bit during his sentencing of 71-year-old Delton Gorges, a former school bus driver who has been ordered to serve seven years behind bars after being convicted of

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What The Hell??? Gary Coleman Still Hasn’t Been Buried

Gary Coleman died on May 28, 2010. And not one of the horrible people who were in his life has managed to get it together enough to give the man a proper burial.

Gary’s manager Vic Perillo wrote an open

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Woman Suspected Of Killing Her Sister And Cutting Off Her Nose (And Ears) To Spite Her Face


A 58-year-old woman was found butchered in her Queens home — her nose and ears sliced off — and investigators say they want to question a sister who lived with her and may have engaged in a

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We Didn’t Even Know He Had A Baby… The Mother Of Jermaine Dupri’s 7-Month-Old Is Already Suing

Yes, Jermaine Dupri has a 7-month-old. And he’s already fallen behind on his child support payments already.

And his secret baby mama has chosen now, when Short Stacks has almost half a million dollars in tax debt and a house

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