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Did NBA Player Glen Davis Pay A Video Vixen Racks On Racks To Abort Her Gut Full Of “Big Baby?”

Hencha Voigt and Glen Davis

Damn, this ain’t a good look for the already laggin’ Celtics… We love our friends over at the Breakfast Club but uhhh sometimes they entertain some pretty interesting characters. Take this one for example:

Rozay Mylan

This right here is “prestigious” cakes and video model Rozay Mylan (real name Jasmine Pace). She got mad because a story popped up on the web about her being kicked out of Miami club LIV by rapper Drake and arrested. She called up “The Breakfast Club” to clear the air and says she was kicked out of the VIP because some other video broad doesn’t like her. There’s a lot of crazy shenanigans going on here with Xanax and some other stuff, but the girl runs her mouth about everything from a video broad screwing all of Young Money (where have we heard that one before???) and ends up snitching on the model in our main photo Hencha Voigt aka @MissFlinstone who allegedly got knocked up by the Celtics “Big Baby” Davis who paid her over 40 K to abort his celebrity seed.

Listen right here:

Now if what this broad is saying is true, these video vixen characters run back and forth all the time to blogs telling on each other, so why should we believe her?

Oh, and btw, Rozay claims her previous appearance on blogs over an arrest allegedly for child endangerment was also the work of another hatin’ a$$ broad.


Jasmine Pace aka Rozay Mylan
Glen Big Baby Davis
Hencha Voigt
Rozay Mylan
Hencha Voigt and Glen Davis
Hencha Voigt
hencha and glen copy

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Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Bey Bey & Drizzy Added To The Cast Of The Next Ice Age

Beyonce Drake Ice Age

Drake and Mrs. Knowles-Carter are about to share a career first.

Both have been added to the animated cast of the fourth installment of the popular “Ice Age” series. But no one knows yet exactly what they’ll be playing. We can assume they will have somewhat significant parts, since the annoucement is being made… but maybe the filmmakers are just trying to capitalize on their casting to draw interest from a certain crowd.

What we do know is that Drizzy and Bey will join returning stars Ray Romano, John Leguizamo and Denis Leary – who have been involved with the franchise since day one – and King Queen Latifah who joined the cast in “Ice Age 2: The Meltdown”

Also confirmed as part of the cast are Jeremy Renner and J-Lo, who will be bringing her from-the-block-ness in saber-tooth tiger form.