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Never On Schedule, But Always On Time…South Carolina Man Wins Lottery With His Last Dollars

They say God works in mysterious ways, and this story is about as mysterious as it gets.

A Pawleys Island man says winning $200,000 in the South Carolina Education Lottery has saved his home.

John Davis says he went to a hearing on Monday about the possibility of losing his home to foreclosure.

Tuesday he let the computer pick his numbers for the Palmetto Cash 5 drawing at a gasoline station in Surfside Beach, adding a dollar to increase his winnings in case he got a winning ticket.

Wednesday, Davis discovered he had won.

The single father of two girls says he’s had a tough year, financially. Davis says he had just $6 in his bank account when he won. He works at a car dealership and says he plays the lottery almost every day.

Davis says he plans to pay off most of his debt and will take a cruise with his daughters when the weather warms up.

The lottery has been good to people lately, hopefully some of that good fortune can shine over this-a-way


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