NBA Trade Speculation: 3 Viable Trade Options For Warriors Involving Steph Curry

Goal: Using Steph Curry as the constant variable, create viable trade options for the Warriors that will give them a legitimate chance to win.

Defining Win: I'm not talking about winning this year or even two years from now. The Warriors need to rebuild on a 5-year plan. Think Oklahoma City Thunder but Monta Ellis is our Kevin Durant, the core piece needed for us to succeed.

Tool: Using ESPN's Trade Machine I created 3 trade scenarios that match contracts, make both teams better (in my opinion), and would give the Golden State Warriors the key pieces needed to make them a driving force in the Western Conference.

Fan Base Reaction: I expect to take some flack for hypothetically trading away Steph Curry (one of the brighter spots on the Warriors roster) but in my eyes the Monta-Curry combo isn't going to win.


Here are 3 viable trade options for the Golden State Warriors involving Steph Curry. 

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