NBA Trade Rumors: Could T’Wolves Send Kevin Love to Lakers for Pau Gasol?

UPDATE: According to LakerNation, Pau Gasol himself has stated that he'd like to stay with the Lakers:

"My desire is to stay with the Lakers. I don’t have control over it but I want to stay with the Lakers for as many years as I can to be able to remain eligible for the maximum possible championships,"


While a potential trade involving the Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol and the Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin Love may sound crazy at first, there is reason to believe it could help both teams (and a third in the deal I'm about to speculate on).

The report that started all this Love-for-Gasol talk came from Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld and the possible trades he details are worth checking out.

The deal I'm thinking of would involve a third team with available pieces that could help fill some gaps and needs for the Lakers and T'Wolves.  That team is the Portland Trail Blazers.

Some of the Portland players who may be available this summer include Andre Miller, Rudy Fernandez and Marcus Camby.

After another disappointing season for Minnesota, the team seems to have as many pieces in the rumor mill as any other in the league.  Michael Beasley, Jonny Flynn, the No. 2 pick in this year's draft and now Kevin Love may all be up for grabs this offseason.

For the Lakers, their most talked-about assets over the last month have been Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.  Considering Bynum's age (23), his play in the second half of the season (11 points and 12 rebounds a game) and postseason (14 and 10), he looks like the keeper for the Lakers.

According to Pincus, if Gasol does become available the T'Wolves would be interested in acquiring the Spanish big man because of the relationship he already has with incoming rookie point guard Ricky Rubio.

Since Kevin Love doesn't fill a glaring need for the Lakers, it would make sense for other pieces to be in play.  That's where the Blazers come in.  They have players that would help both the Lakers and T'Wolves and could satisfy needs of their own in a deal like this:

Lakers Receive: Kevin Love, Andre Miller, Martell Webster and Minnesota's No. 20 pick

Timberwolves Receive: Pau Gasol and Rudy Fernandez

Trail Blazers Receive: Jonny Flynn, Darko Milicic and Devin Ebanks

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