NBA Trade Rumors: Could Chicago Work Out A Deal With Houston?

NBA Trade Rumors Fly As Chicago Looks For A Shooting Guard

The Chicago Bulls are in the market for a shooting guard, everyone knows that.

A solid player at the two-guard position would make the Bulls even more dangerous in the postseason and Chicago knows that. With that in mind, the Bulls have contacted the Houston Rockets about Courtney Lee. The two sides have discussed big man Omer Asik in a possible deal for the shooting guard according to the Houston Chronicle

Houston is in the market for a big man and has had discussions with Denver about Nene according to reports. If the Nuggets decide to hang on to Nene, Asik could be a good fall back option and the Bulls could get their shooting guard.

Denver's distracted with the whole Carmelo Anthony saga. Houston is on the fringe of that drama and would love to get Anthony at the deadline as a rental. However, Houston general manager Daryl Morey is always looking to make moves at the deadline and this could be a solid option for the Rockets.

Houston is hesitant to deal Lee, but if all the other options go by the wayside, the Rockets may just have to bite the bullet and deal for Asik. It would be a great deal for Chicago but you have to wonder what the reaction would be in Houston if the Rockets failed to make any sort of splash at the deadline.

It wouldn't be for a lack of trying, that's for certain. It's just a not buyer's market this year.

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