NBA Rumors: LA Lakers Legend Hints at Possible Solution to Teams Problems

LA Lakers Magic Johnson Tweets His Thoughts on What His Team Must Do

Magic Johnson will forever be remembered as the most famous member of the LA Lakers ever. He was a star from day one and never looked back in his illustrious career. 

To this day the team still consults him on certain player transactions. 

Lately he has been telling the whole world his feelings. On May 7th, as the Lakers were getting embarrassed in a sweep of the Dallas Mavericks; Johnson used his ESPN/ABC platform to announce, “the team needs to be blown up”.

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Lots of people took that as simply a knee-jerk reaction to an embarrassing end to the season. Yet after a month long venting period, Magic is sticking by his words. Check out this tweet sent out by Magic on Wednesday: “Lakers should think about calling the Orlando Magic”. 

Hmmmm….I wonder what player from the Magic he is referencing? 

Clearly Johnson wants to go after Dwight Howard and that would certainly constitute “blowing up the team”. The Lakers would likely have to give up two of their three big men (Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol). What makes the decision more complicated is the franchises some-what weird obsession with Bynum. 

Are Laker fans willing to give up Odom and Gasol for Howard?  

It's the No. 1 question currently circling the purple and gold.

-Eric Ball

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