NBA Playoffs 2011: Will Kevin Durant Come Up Big for Thunder in Game 3?

NBA Playoffs 2011 and Will Kevin Durant Come Up Big for Thunder in Game 3?

With the NBA Conference Finals heading back to Oklahoma City, the Thunder are ready to take the series by the throat.

With Kevin Durant staying hot and Nowitzki being as contained as he can be, the Thunder have looked solid.

There could be issues with point guard Russell Westbrook, but I think the makeup of this team is to not let any one piece ruin the whole puzzle.


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While it is very important for Westbrook to be effective, Oklahoma City needs the best from Kevin Durant. He is one of the most potent scorers I have ever seen in the NBA and the Thunder need him to move past the Dallas Mavericks.

Durant has led the league the last two seasons in scoring and has helped move the Thunder past the Memphis Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets during this season’s playoff.

In Game 3, Kevin Durant will have to bring his attitude that he brought in Game 2 when he dunked the ball hard over Maverick center Brendan Haywood and changed the momentum of the game.

I think the Thunder win in another hard fought game, 107-102.

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