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NBA Draft 2011: Kyrie Irving and Others That May Contend for Rookie of the Year

After tonight’s Butler versus UConn matchup for the NCAA title is decided, the final step in the college basketball season will be complete. From there, it’s onto the NBA draft for a handful of lucky athletes.

This year’s draft isn’t deep on superstars, but it’s one that offers a great deal of parity among the top picks. It’s anybody’s guess as to who will win the NBA Rookie of the Year award.

The presumed top picks are still undecided if they are coming out, but we should know within the next week or two of their decisions. Please note that I’ve removed Harrison Barnes from the list, though he has not officially specified his intentions to return to UNC.

The NBA Rookie of the Year hasn’t been awarded to anyone drafted outside of the top 10 since Mark Jackson in 1987, so here are the current top 10 players in approximate order of where they could go.

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