NBA All Star Game Video: Kobe Bryant Taunts LeBron James After Dunking On Him

That’s what you get, LeBron James! That’s what you get!

You mess with Cleveland and...Kobe Bryant gives you a little tap on the butt to teach you a lesson. He spanked you, baby. You just got spanked.

Kobe Bryant: NBA All-Star MVP and protector of all things Cleveland.

That’s how everyone interpreted this video, right?

Cavalier loyalties aside, the first thing I said to my brother after watching this happen was, “Do you remember how high Kobe Bryant used to get up?”

“Higher then that?” he asked.

My question to you is…do you? Kobe is still remarkably effective, but this guy used to be one of the most jaw-dropping athletes in the history of the game. He could get up like Vince, he could snake like Wade, and he jumped four feet in the air on every perimeter shot.

Plus, he baptized Dwight Howard. Kobe Bryant is a good Christian.

But back to the All-Star game. Kobe brought home MVP honors…or rather, took home MVP honors. While LeBron posted the first All-Star game triple-double since Michael Jordan posted the first All-Star game triple-double.

In the days forthcoming, I suppose this only serves to reinvigorate the LeBron-Kobe debate. Biased, and now thoroughly rooting for Kobe, I still realize that it’s not a debate. It’s been LeBron for three years. But that doesn’t mean that Kobe can’t win the battle of public perception, and along those lines, the dunk. The moment of the All-Star game.

And maybe, just maybe, a moment Kobe Bryant his been waiting for three years.


Kobe Bryant is a good Christian.

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