NBA All-Star Game: Liven It Up With These One On One Matchups

Blake Griffin's entrance into the dunk contest has some hoping that it will re-energize the spectacle that used to be a major draw, but now has become less than interesting most of the time and only mildly interesting at the best of times.

We've seen every dunk. There's nothing new under the sun as they say. Watching another person try and do the behind the free-throw line dunk six times before it finally goes down, and the judges overreact and climb all over each other thrusting up 10 cards as though those misses never happened just isn't compelling anymore.

No. The dunk contest isn't going to get re-energized because it's old. If you want to bring the game to the playground, bring the playground to the game. If you really want to draw some HD attention to the viewing public, show us these 10 All-Star caliber one-on-one, first one to 10, call your own fouls matchups. 

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