NASCAR: Where the Future Is Being Put Aside for Cup Dominance

I don't think it's any secret that many NASCAR fans are growing tired of the constant domination by Cup drivers in the Nationwide and Truck series. 

So far this year we've seen 1 series regular actually win a race, otherwise it's been won by a Cup driver, with overfunded equipment beating up on the little guys.

The longer this goes on, the harder it's going to be for top talent to emerge and show that they have the talent to compete, we've seen fewer drivers emerge from the Nationwide Series and show that they can win races, the latest being Joey Logano.

In years past, the Nationwide series was a place for young talent to compete against each other and get noticed by Cup owners, it was a place to learn from mistakes and make a name for yourself and hopefully, get the attention someone who is willing to give you a shot in a Cup car.

The Truck series, on the other hand, has been a nice little place for veterans who maybe couldn't get a full-time Cup ride, or just didn't want to deal with the schedule, it gave those guys a place to race, and that they did, sometimes putting on some of the best races of the top three series.

However, in recent years all of that has changed. We've got guys like Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano and others dipping down into these series and literally dominating, then we have ESPN talking about how great these guys are, when it should come to no shock to anybody that they are dominating, they've got more experience, and are running on a Cup budget.

The question is, Why do these guys keep coming down? They can't compete for the Championship anymore, so what is it?

It doesn't matter who you put in the car, teams can still compete for the owners championship, and it's just as important as the drivers championship.

Organizations like Joe Gibbs Racing are putting Cup drivers in the Nationwide rides to help secure that title, the same can be said for RFR.

I don't have a simple solution to ending this problem, but I do have a few suggestions.

1). Do not allow Cup drivers running in Nationwide or Trucks to be eligible for Owners points.

This would do one of the two things, it would either force the owners who want the Owners Championship to put young talent into the cars.

Or it could cause these owners to no longer care about the title, and just run for the Wins, although I think one is more likely.

2). Although not very practical, don't allow Cup drivers to collect money during these races.
I don't think it would help much, most drivers seem to run the lower series for sponsors and for extra track time.

3). Limit each Cup driver to 10 Nationwide/Truck races a year, meaning they have 10 races they can run in the lower series, 5 in Nationwide, 5 in Trucks, or however they want to split them.

I believe that would be the most effective, It would still give those fans that want to see Kyle Busch on Saturday the opportunity, and it would allow the Nationwide/Truck regulars to see how they match up against those guys, while also giving them the glory of actually winning races.

I'm sure others have other solutions, and I'd love to hear them.

The simple fact is that with the Cup drivers winning all the races, it's hurting the future of the sport, young talent is not getting recognized the way they should.

Not to mention it's extremely dull and boring to watch. I'd rather watch two young guys I've never heard of before beat and bang for a win rather than see Kyle Busch run away with another race in Cup-funded equipment.

You don't see the pro's in other sports going down a level and playing, Michael Jordan never went back to NCAA ball, and the same can be said for any other sport.

What are your thoughts?

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