Nas & Damian Marley’s Album Cover Preview For “Distant Relatives”

Posted: 28th March 2010 by Jay in Entertainment, News
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Cant wait for this album Nas and Damian will make a powerful combination i suggest all to good out and buy this one in may.


Album Preview

More on the story…..

The album cover for Nas and Damian Marley’s forthcoming Distant Relatives collaboration project has been revealed for preview.

With an all-black background, both artists’ face shots grace the cover artwork.
Nas and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley bridge the gap on the cover of their joint album Distant Relatives, in stores May 18. The disc features the single “As We Enter,” along with collaborations from Stephen Marley, K’Naan and Lil Wayne. (Rap-Up)
Marley recently shared his reaction to Lil Wayne’s contribution as a guest feature on the album.

“It’s funny, because the track is called ‘My Generation,’” Damian explained in an interview. “It’s definitely geared towards that. Wayne really showed a lot of respect in his verse, in the way that he handled it. He handled it exactly would’ve really loved him to. I don’t have any criticism at all about what he did. I think it’s a great and blessed track. That’s all I can really say about that.” (Hip Hop DX)
Wayne is featured on a song called “My Generation” with singer Joss Stone.


1. As We Enter

2. Tribal War (feat. K’NAAN)

3. Strong Will Continue

4. Leaders

5. Wisdom (Sabali)

6. Count Your Blessings

7. Disappear

8. The Promised Land (feat. Dennis Brown)

9. Nah Mean

10. Angola (Friends)

11. My Generation (feat. Lil Wayne and Joss Stone)

12. Africa Must Wake Up (Feat. K’NAAN)

13. BONUS TRACK Ancient People (feat. Jr. Reid) (XXL Mag)
Nas recently spoke on the underlying theme behind his new joint album.
“Reggae and hip-hop are cousins,” he said in an interview. “Go back before the ’90s and think about the music that was playing on the ghetto blasters and you’ll hear it…The whole world is like family, split up all over the place. It’s overdue, and I want to help build whatever we can [in Africa].

I’ve worked with a lot of reggae artists, like Sizzla and Supercat, but not until [2005's] Jamrock did I get a chance to work with Damian. I love his music and I’m a big fan of Bob Marley and the whole family. We haven’t worked out any tour dates yet. But I’m sure Damian and I will do something soon.” (Miami Herald)
Distant Relatives is slated to release in May 2010 .

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