MLB: Why the Washington Nationals Will Have Their Breakout Season Next Year

The Washington Nationals, the youngest team in all of baseball, haven't done very well ever. They have never won a World Series, they haven't ever made it to the playoffs.Yet over the past few years, they've been building their team so that they do go to the playoffs. So they will eventually win a World Series. It may not be this year, but it will be next season.

After acquiring Jayson Werth in a fairly large (understatement) contract, the Washington Nationals are heading in the right direction. While Jayson Werth didn't make an enormous impact to the team before the All-Star break, he has vastly improved almost all of his stats.

Another player who broke out after the All-Star break is Michael Morse. His batting average has now grown to .323 and his slugging average, third in the NL, is .566. Is Morse continues to improve like this, we'll be seeing a lot more happy fans at Nationals Stadium.

While star pitcher Stephen Strasburg is injured for almost the entirety of the season, we will not see his greatness until next season. When he first began his first season, he was incredible. He as one of the best pitchers in the NL. Then he got injured and we saw no more of this amazing player. He will be healthy by the start of next season and will be able to carry the Nationals to a playoff run.

Ryan Zimmerman is often overlooked as one of the top third baseman in the game. He is one of the best hitters in the NL and is one of the largest assets to this team filled with young stars. With his experience and ability to lead as the captain they so desperately desire, this team will become quite extraordinary. 

After several disappointing seasons, the Nationals will finally get the breakout season the they deserve. They will finally be recognized as a team that can win.     

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