MLB Roster Callups 2011: Why Stephen Strasburg Shouldn’t Have Been Called Up

Washington Nationals Plan to Start Stephen Strasburg on September 6th

Stephen Strasburg was supposed to be out for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery after hurting his elbow last season. According to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, he will now make a useless start in the majors for the Washington Nationals.

However, he has recovered quicker than expected and after some rehab starts in the minors, the Nationals will call up the young phenom to make his first start of the year in the majors.

The Nationals are out of the playoff chase and have nothing to gain by bringing Strasburg back so quickly.

Strasburg should remain in the minors and should be making short one to two inning appearances. There is no need to burn out this kid's arm for absolutely no reason.

The decision to bring up Strasburg could be a money hunt for the Nationals, who have struggled with ticket sales this season. The Nationals know that Strasburg is their money maker and if he pitches, the stadium will be packed.

Hopefully nothing goes wrong for Strasburg this season, as he could ill-afford another setback.

Strasburg throws the ball extremely hard and it doesn't appear that he has lost that velocity due to the injury. However, he has been beaten up a bit at the minor league level and has shown that he is human.

Strasburg is back, but he shouldn't be.

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