Mike Munchak: What Munchak Needs To Do To Get The Titans Back To Prominence

Mike Munchak Has A Big Task In Front Of Him Getting The Tennessee Titans Back To The Playoffs

Jeff Fisher was a fixture with the Titans organization from 1994-2010. He took over as head coach of the franchise and turned them into one of the top franchises in the NFL for a brief period of time. He never had the most talented team, but he got the most out of the players that he did have.

When Fisher "parted ways" with the organization on January 27 the door was opened for new possibilities. As respected as he was throughout the NFL his teams only made the playoffs six times in 16 full seasons as head coach. In this day and age that's just not good enough.

Now, Mike Munchak, who has been a fixture with the Titans franchise since he was drafted by them in 1982, gets an opportunity to show what he can do leading this team into the future.

There is one thing that he needs to do in order to turn this Titans franchise around. It's the same thing that every NFL franchise has to do: draft and develop players.

Here are the names of some of the Titans first selections in the draft since 2003: Andre Woolfolk (2003), Ben Troupe (2004), Adam Jones (2005), Vince Young (2006), Michael Griffin (2007), Chris Johnson (2008), Kenny Britt (2009) and Derrick Morgan (2010).

To be fair the jury is still out on Britt and Morgan, but aside from Johnson those picks have all been disappointing. The team has not been able to draft and develop their top talent for years. This has caused them to fall far behind everyone in that division.

If Munchak wants to be successful as the Titans head coach his first order of business needs to make sure there is a strong emphasis on player development. That's how teams become champions. Look at this year's Super Bowl teams, the Steelers and Packers, and all the guys that were drafted and developed by those teams.

It sounds like simple, easy analysis, but ask some of these teams how difficult it really is to be able to draft high-ceiling talent and make sure that it develops. Why do you think that the Lions have been so bad for so long?

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