Mike Munchak: The Tennessee Titans Have A New Head Coach, Same Owner

Titans Owner Out Of Touch And Titans Will Suffer For It

Mike Munchak just got hired into a thankless job. The Tennessee Titans are looking at a bigger rebuild than anyone wants to admit, they have too many questions at quarterback, and they have an owner who now appears to be completely out of touch with things.

Titans Owner Bud Adams clearly wanted to side with Vince Young in the fallout between Young and former head coach Jeff Fisher, but reports indicated the front office talked him out of it. This is a good thing, because it means Adams still is willing to listen, but it also is a bad thing because Adams never should have needed to be convinced in the first place.

While Al Davis made a huge mistake with JaMarcus Russell, give him credit for owning up to it and moving on last year. With Fisher gone, Young may come back to the team now. The problem is, Young is an emotional wreck who won't lead any team to any championships.

Outside of Young, the Titans now have to decide who their quarterback of the future is going to be and they have to decide quickly. The Titans usually were contenders under Fisher. There were good and bad years, but the stability and consistency under his tenure can't be argued.

The fear for Titans fans now is if the team backs the wrong horse and ends up back at the bottom of the division.

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