Michael Vick: Eagles’ Vick To Sit On Oprahs Couch; Can She Make Him Cry?

Michael Vick to Appear on Oprah. Will We See Some Waterworks?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has enjoyed quite the comeback in 2010-11. After hitting rock bottom by serving a jail sentence for dog fighting, getting cut by the Falcons and winding up as Kevin Kolb's backup heading into 2010, Vick exploded back onto the sports scene with masterful performances. 

Now, we get to see Vick try to succeed in a new arena: Oprah's sofa. The quarterback is slated to appear on the talk show host's final season, in an interview this Thursday. 

Given Vick's troubled past and rise back into the limelight, you can bet Oprah's going to be talking about some pretty heavy stuff with the quarterback. Given her love of animals, you know she won't pull any punches with the country's most infamous dog fighter. 

Winfrey's also an expert tear-jerker, tugging on the heartstrings of guests trying to get the waterworks flowing. 

Will the questions about his run-ins with the law, his treatment of dogs, and the impact his struggles have had on his family be enough to get Vick to reach for the tissue box strategically placed on the end table? 

Or will the quarterback show the same steely nerves that helped him slice and dice the Washington Redskins like a cuisinart cuts a head of lettuce, fighting the urge to shed those tears? 

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