Miami Dolphins Preseason: What Can the Dolphins Learn in the Atlanta Game?

When the Miami Dolphins (0-0) take on the Atlanta Falcons (0-0) on Friday at 7:30 p.m. don't expect to learn too much.

The Atlanta Falcons have some crazy offensive weapons.

Playing the Falcons early will give the defense an opportunity to judge where they are at this point in the preseason. The only thing is that they likely won't see much of Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White since it's just the first preseason game. In fact they may only get a single series against them.

This is a game the Dolphins would have preferred to play later in the preseason because they are obviously the best team they will face before the season starts. Instead of getting an extended opportunity to see how the team has progressed, this game will more than likely be used to determine some of the positional battles.

One battle that will be interesting throughout the preseason is the one for backup running back. As of now it looks like Reggie Bush will receive the bulk of the carries, but will Daniel Thomas or Lex Hilliard be the one backing him up?

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