Mexico vs. Brazil: Back Lines Face Turmoil Against Dangerous Offenses

The clash of Mexico and Brazil's attacking offensive styles is sure to create fireworks. Both teams have explosive offenses. Brazil alone has already accumulated an absurd 13 goals during their time at in Colombia.

Mexico's creative attacking style allows them to score at will when the offense is clicking. They have the raw talent in their front line to torture opposing defenses. Like Colombia, Brazil could find themselves scrambling to deal with Mexico defensively.

While both teams have showcased their ability to defend well, the best defense will be a good offense for both teams involved in the match. The result is sure to be a spectacular match for spectators.

The high-scoring affair will send one team to the final and one team packing. With so much at stake, expect to see the best from each team.

Mexico has the swagger to carry them all the way through this tournament. While Brazil comes in as the favorite, Mexico has shown that they are fearless. They embarrassed Colombia in front of their home crowd and didn't flinch in front of the hostile host country.

Both teams have the potential to get out to an early lead. The back lines are going to have to be on their "A" game in order to hold off the assault that is sure to come from both sides. Sleeping early on is a recipe for disaster.

While in most matches the attacks can make up for any defensive shortcomings from their team, such is not the case here. The back line has to do their best to keep the opposition's attack to a dull roar. This match could get upwards of six combined goals.

It's a tall task to keep up offensively as is. If one defense completely shuts down, it's going to end their U-20 World Cup run.

--Kyle Vassalo