Manny Pacquiao: Why His Feud with Golden Boy Promotions Must End Now

Manny Pacquiao must play nice with Golden Boy

If Manny Pacquiao is interested in growing his legend further he’s going to have to do a little more than fight a broken down Shane Mosley and scrap with Juan Marquez for the third time. He must start taking on some better fighters, or at least fighters with a bigger buzz.

We’ll forget about Floyd Mayweather for the moment. It’s unlikely that “Money” is willing to fight Pacquiao so that only leaves the stable of fighters in Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. However, there is only one problem with that crop of talent: they are not available to the best boxer in the world.

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Golden Boy and Top Rank promotions have been feuding for some time. It’s not a question of when will they end their feud, but rather, if ever they are going to end it.

For the sake of boxing they should. Look, neither side benefits from this. De La Hoya is smart enough to know that the biggest money draw in the sport is Manny Pacquiao. It would be foolish to close the door on that. Manny knows that in order to continue to build his legend he must fight real competitors.