Liverpool Transfer Rumours: Luis Suarez Jumps Gun in Welcoming Sebastian Coates

By all accounts, it won't be long before Nacional defender Sebastian Coates joins Liverpool.

The deal, however, is not quite final. Apparently, somebody neglected to mention that to Reds striker Luis Suarez.

Courtesy of, we know that Suarez took to Twitter to welcome his Uruguayan countryman to Anfield, tweeting: “I want to welcome Coates, partner in the uruguayan team, friend and great player who just signed for Liverpool!”

Suarez must have realized that the tweet was causing a fuss, though, as it seems to have disappeared from his Twitter account. Either that or club officials told him to take it down.

The latter option seems like the more likely scenario here. After all, until all the Is are dotted and all the Ts are crossed, Coates is not a member of the club.

And at lest check, it sounded like actually completing the deal was going to be more difficult than Kenny Dalglish and the rest of the Liverpool hierarchy had imagined. Recently, reported that Nacional representatives were hoping to add to the agreed-upon fee of £7.6 million.

"We are going to negotiate and I believe that we are going to take a bit more money," said a club official.

Nacional officials were scheduled to arrive in England on Monday evening, and the good news is that a deal is expected to be completed sometime on Tuesday.

Thanks to Suarez, it looked for a second there like the deal had been completed. But since he has subsequently removed the tweet, we can probably take it for granted that the two sides are still ironing things out.

When they do, this signing will be a score for the Reds. Coates is already a talented centre-back, but he should get even better as he accumulates more and more experience. He’s just 20 years old, so there’s plenty of time for him to do that.

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