Liverpool Transfer News: Why Liverpool Is Headed for Big Season

Manchested United and Manchester City may be the top dogs headed into the Premier League season, but don’t overlook Liverpool.

This is one of the most optimistic seasons in years for Liverpool, revitalized by such signings as Stewart Downing, Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson to strengthen the midfield, as well as striker Nacho from Albacete. You add the fact that they are giving a trial to Marco Bueno and there’s a lot of hope floating around for the Reds this season.

Wrote BBC Merseyside’s Mike Hughes:

"Hopes are high that this really could be a big season for Liverpool. The first-team squad is stronger than it has been in many a long day."

Of course, there is some skepticism about the team’s defense after the squad gave up three goals in each of its preseason friendly losses to Hull and Galatasaray.

Wrote Yahoo! Sports Contributor Drew Lipsky:

“Giving up three goals in each of its preseason matches has raised some red flags about the defense, which will either have to improve or be bolstered via the transfer market."

However, I’m not as concerned about the club’s defense as many appear to be. This are friendlies, and while three goals in each contest is concerning, it’s also not the regular season, which is a completely different thing.

Wrote Hughes:

“Pre-season has hardly gone to plan with defeats by Hull and Galatasaray, but using form in friendlies as a guide to future outcomes is fools' gold."

I think the club’s defense will get ironed out, and don’t be surprised if the Reds knock on United and City’s doors, eager to break through the line.

-Ryan Rudnansky

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