Little League World Series 2011 Schedule: 2 Games That Will Decide LLWS Winner

The Little League World Series will be determined by the results of two games. The field isn't as wide open as it seemed. The LLWS will be decided by the few instances where contenders clash.

While not all of these games will certainly happen, the likelihood of these teams facing one another is inevitable. Here are two future games that will decide who wins the LLWS.

Canada vs Japan

If there is any team in the winner's bracket on the International side that can compete with Japan, it's Canada. They proved to be scrappy and determined enough to bounce back from an early deficit in their opener. If Japan is able to dominate, it will let us know once and for all that Japan is destined to repeat.

California vs Montana

California came out with a stellar performance in their opening round. They look as though they are the favorites in the American bracket at this point. Montana is one of those teams with a Cinderella story who seems destined for a special finish. If California can stomp on Montana's historic run, they'll skip to the championship.

--Kyle Vassalo