Lil Wayne: “I Can’t Have Chris Brown Rapping On ‘Tha Carter IV’”

Looks like that Rolling Stone interview is turning out to be quite the story huh, Dwayne? First Mr. Carter wasn’t to happy about D.Wade and Lebron James not acknowledging him during Miami Heat home games and now, and I’m pretty sure this quote was said in a polite manner, Weezy is keeping Chris’ new found hobby of spitting those “hot 16′s” off Tha Carter IV.

“I cannot have Chris Brown rapping on Tha Carter IV,” said Wayne of keeping the “Look At Me Now” for himself instead of Chris Brown. “He ain’t sound bad. He’s spitting. But come on, man! Do you know how many rappers would be like, ‘I can’t get on Tha Carter IV, but this ni**a put Chris Brown on that bitch? Rapping?”

But since Dwayne is such a nice and thoughtful person, “Look At Me Now” was left for Chris Brown to have. “You can’t take a ni**a’s song and take him off of it. That’s saying a whole lot. That’s like telling him, ‘I think this shit is hotter without you,’” admitted Weezy. “I would feel played if a ni**a did me that way.”

Song still sucks if you ask me. But no one was asking me so you can just ignore that lol.


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