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Letters: Political Compass points in different directions (Guardian)

The decision of Compass to open its ranks to persons not eligible for Labour membership is indeed bizarre (Letters, 12 March). While it is not an affiliated organisation and it has the right to urge members to vote for who it wants to in elections, it has always argued that the priority was electing a Labour government, and only Labour could stop the Tories winning. This argument was the basis of its successful politics to now. Abandoning this view suggests it thinks that Labour cannot win the next election – and that a rainbow alliance of non-Tory parties is possible. Neither is the case. It is particularly unfortunate that having backed Ed Miliband to be Labour leader, it now effectively withdraws support from him. There is no alternative to the Labour leader as the alternative prime minister, and it is not serious politics not to campaign for him to win the next election. Compass focused on Labour when there was a Labour government. Now there is no Labour government, it believes it can base its politics around vacuous discussion of a windy progressive politics. There maybe a large and expanding audience for hot air. But ...
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