LeBron James: How Good Does James Look In Light Of Cavs Losing Streak

LeBron James Best Case For MVP Is Not What He Is Doing In Miami, But What The Cavaliers Are Doing

Earlier this NBA season LeBron James said that there's no way that he could win an MVP award playing in Miami with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. However, his MVP candidacy, and his greatness for that matter, has never looked brighter than it does right now.

The ironic thing is that it has nothing to do with how he has played in Miami. The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost 22 straight games. They have the worst record in the NBA at 8-41. They haven't won a game since defeating the Knicks 109-102 on December 18. They haven't won a game since seven days before Christmas!

Everyone knew that the Cavaliers would struggle without James, but there are very few people that could have anticipated this.

The previous two years the Cavaliers won 127 games total. This year they will be lucky to get to 15 wins.

The Cavs looked like they had some talent beyond James. They had built a very nice core group of guys. No one else on the roster was a star, but they all fit together extremely well. Now, they are a disaster.

It's sad to see because Cleveland is such a great sports town, and those people deserve something to cheer for.

But if we have learned anything from the Cavs this season it would be just how great LeBron James really is.

One game to watch for is on February 13, when Cleveland hosts Washington. The Cavs losing streak could be at 27 games, while the Wizards are winless on the road this year. Something will have to give in that epic battle.

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