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LA Lakers: Are Lakers Facing Tougher Challenge in Dallas Mavericks?

LA Lakers Have Much Bigger Opponents in Dallas Mavericks

From the history of the barbs exchanged between Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Lakers head coach Phil Jackson you would think that there has been a lengthy playoff history between both their respective teams. 

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But that's not the case, we're actually looking at the first time the Lakers and Mavericks have faced one another in the postseason in over two decades.

Los Angeles was given a little wake up call by the scrappy New Orleans Hornets and Chris Paul in the first round.  Now their second round opponents boast a roster with a lot more size and depth. Lakers assistant coach Jim Cleamons told the Los Angeles Times:

They've got plenty of personnel. They are deep. It should be a very interesting series. I don't think anybody will pick us to sweep them.

The Mavericks are a much more complete basketball team than the Hornets and that's another compelling reason why the Lakers are more than likely to step up their game.

As a team, the Lakers have a problem with becoming too complacent, getting into bad habits and at times playing down to their opponents' talents.  Here's a fact, the Lakers are as complete of a basketball team as the Mavericks and present them with just as tough of a matchup.

For Dallas, because of Dirk Nowitkzi's versatility he becomes a very tough guy to guard by either Pau Gasol or Lamar Odom on defense. At center they have the length of Tyson Chandler to cause problems against the Lakers' big men and from their bench there's the scoring of of Jason Terry that the Lakers will need to contain.

The Mavericks may be a tougher team.  But this Lakers team are up for the challenge, this is what they've been waiting for all season long, a chance to go deep in the playoff once again and the Mavericks are likely put up a fight but will simply have no answer for the Lakers playoff experience the play of Kobe Bryant.