Kristin Cavallari: Why Dancing With The Stars Will Infuriate Jay Cutler

What’s the best way to get back at an ex-boyfriend?

Strut your stuff in front of millions of people of course.

Reality TV personality Kristin Cavallari has been selected to participate in the 13th season of Dancing With The Stars just a month after a very public breakup with Jay Cutler. 

The Chicago Bears QB was set to marry Cavallari next year in a very public wedding. The engaged couple had already posted their registry online for the world to see and everything seemed great.

Too bad this is never the case when it comes to Cutler. The QB that has a tendency to panic under pressure when lineman are chasing him got cold feet and called off the wedding and their entire relationship.

It was a crushing blow to Cavallari and something you figure will take years to get over.

DWTS is the perfect opportunity to exact some much-needed revenge. Having a 20-something dancer that is among the best in the world drape his hands all over Cavallari for 40 hours a week for potentially the next two months has got to be irking Cutler.

When asked about the announcement, Cavallari sounded almost relieved:

I’m good. I really am good.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m staying busy and I’m just gonna have fun.

Nothing would help her get over this whole ordeal than wining the competition. Cutler has never been a winner at any level in his football career and if Cavallari were to win some sort of title before Cutler…it would be the ultimate form of payback.

Having Cutler turn on his TV every week to watch her in compromising positions with another man knowing that around 20 million are watching is sweet, sweet revenge.

So for all of the Cutler haters around the country…go Kristin!