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Kimora Says She’s Ready For Another Gut Full Of “Give Us Free”

Kimora_Lee_Simmons Djimon Hounson Kenzo Lee Ming Lee Aioki Lee

Awww! Don’t you just love 3/4 Black love with just a pinch of foreigner?

With baby Kenzo about to hit the terrible twos this year, Kimora’s ready to bring another baby Amistad into the “Fab Lane”. There’s only one thing holding her back.

“We definitely talk about about [having] kids in the near future, we definitely want more, we love kids and I would love to have a little companion for [son] Kenzo,” Simmons, the star of E!’s “Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane,” tells TooFab. “Because Kenzo’s a year-and-a-half, it would be fun [for him] to have someone to grow up next to. The girls [Ming Lee, 11, and Aoki Lee, 8] are two years apart, and they have created such a bond that is so wonderful. That’s how I want my kids to be, so another baby in the bunch definitely would be fabulous! Hectic, but fabulous!”

Still, Simmons says she’s just getting used to her new, body-after-baby physique. “I just lost 20 pounds so I really haven’t seen myself, I was like ‘Where have I been?’ I’m kind of enjoying it now.”

And Simmons jokes that if she had another child, she’d have to tweak her TV show. “I think I would have to change my show from ‘Life in The Fab Lane’ to ‘Beverly Hillbillies,’ because we have a lot of people and kids running around. I might have to get a mini-van. It would be a different show!”

You gotta love her. Really, Kimora should be the patron saint of all hood girls with serious potential. The dream is real.


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