Kim Kardashian Wedding: Kendra Wilkinson Offers Up Worthless Wedding Advice

Kendra Wilkinson offered up some thoughts for Kim Kardashian ahead of her wedding. It was sort of like a think tank without much thought put into it. Welcome to the wonderful world of celebrity, where vapid rules and love is forced to the back. 

If you are in the key demographic for the Kardashians, 14-35 with little to no braincells, you are already aware that Kim is about to get married. 

The hottest of the Kardashian clan is set to wed her boyfriend of less than a year, New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries. The wedding is set to go off this weekend in what will be a cash cow for the E! Network. 

On Monday, Kendra Wilkinson, who is married to former NFLer Hank Baskett, gave some advice to Kardashian. The tone and substance matched perfectly to the nuptials that are about to take place.

I made sure my dress was in a completely separate room and that no one went in there. Good music is key. If there is good music then people are dancing and having fun, and nothing else matters.

Wowzers. Let me ask Kendra, do we need rings? How about a tasty cake? If this last bit of advice is what Kardashian needs to save her marriage, we are all doomed.

However, this is in keeping with a wedding that has been all about the look and personalities that are involved rather than the love that is shared.

We have all been to weddings that put great importance on the party and event. The truly special ones, the ones that you remember for a lifetime, are the weddings that concentrate on the love.

Something tells me that a bevy of cameras, plethora of stars and excess of glamor will miss out on that.

For the next week, Kardashian will be getting advice from all corners. Something tells me that hiding her dress and playing good music will not be at the top of the heap.

Thanks for playing though, Kendra.