Kim Kardashian Wedding: Does ‘Kim Humphries’ Have a Nice Ring to It?

I'll say this about Kim Kardashian: she does have a cool name. I can't claim to be a huge fan of her in general, but she does have a pretty cool name.

So why change it?

No, really. I'm asking. And the reason I ask is because she revealed on Friday (via The Hollywood Reporter) that she plans to take on Kris Humphries' good name when the two are wed on Saturday.

That's right, she is going to be Kim Humphries. Except for when she's "out on the streets." Then she'll be Kim Kardashian.

Well, if she says so. I wasn't aware that it was that easy for people to switch names at will, but I guess it makes sense that the preeminent member of the Kardashian administration would be able to get away with it.

And thank goodness she can. I don't know about you, "Kim Humphries" doesn't have quite the same allure as "Kim Kardashian." The former sounds like the name of a crotchety old woman who would live next door to you if you lived in Topeka, Kansas. The latter sounds like the name of a star.

To be honest, I would just as soon see Humphries take on the Kardashian name. A little unorthodox, perhaps, but seeing "Humphries-Kardashian" on the back of Humphries’ New Jersey Nets uniform would be too much.

But alas, I doubt that would ever happen. Thanks to Hot Tub Time Machine, we know that a man taking his wife's name is in no way, shape or form progressive. It's just plain weird, and it's something that will probably never be widespread.

Oh well. I guess you have to tip your cap to Mr. Humphries. He not only managed to lasso arguably the world's most desirable woman, he managed to get her to take on his name. This may be neither here nor there, but Humphries can also dunk.

Don't bother lying about it. You wish you were him.

-Zachary D. Rymer

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