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Kim Clijsters Injures Ankle at Wedding, Could Miss French Open

Kim Clijsters Suffers Freak Injury at Cousin's Wedding Party

Oh, the dangers of partying too hard.

We all know that feeling.

Kim Clijsters found that out the hard way at her cousin's recent wedding party, reportedly injuring her ankle so badly that it's now "completely immobilized" and she faces four to six weeks of recovery.

Already forced to resign from Belgium's Fed Cup semifinal against Czech Republic on April 16-17 due to a wrist and shoulder injury, now Clijsters faces a strong possibility of missing the upcoming French Open, slated for May 22 in Roland Garros, Paris.

Via CNN International, from Clijster's official Web site:

"Kim faces a recovery of at least four to six weeks. Kim's presence in Paris is very uncertain. In the meantime Kim has to continue working on her recovery of a shoulder and wrist injury."


For Sam Westmoreland's look at the Belgian's injury, go here.


Not good news for the 27-year-old, who has won back-to-back US Open titles since coming out of retirement in 2007.

Similar to Serena Williams stepping on glass in July after winning Wimbledon, Clijsters has to be wondering if she's cursed in 2011.

Not only does she have to nurse a bum ankle, she'll be recovering from shoulder and wrist injuries, as well.

I'm surprised she's not in a full body cast by now.

One thing's for sure: she will probably never look at a wedding party the same way again. Next time she'll probably show up in armor.