Joan Rivers: New GoDaddy Girl Disses Christina Aguilera’s Anthem

Joan Rivers Rips Into Christina's Super Bowl Showing, Is She Right About Star's Performance?

One of the biggest stars of Super Bowl Sunday has fired a shot across the bow of one of the day's biggest performers, after 77-year old GoDaddy girl Joan Rivers laid into Super Bowl XLV's national anthem singer Christina Aguilera yesterday. 

"How stupid can you get?" Rivers said of Aguilera, who botched the words to the song on Sunday, "Christina must have been thinking about food, that's why she forgot the words." 

"She's gotten so big, she looks like she could eat Lady GaGa. Great way to get rid of the competition." 

Rivers made waves on Super Bowl Sunday with her appearance in a GoDaddy ad with a body double, but yestrday's comments could prove to be what keeps her in the national consciousness.

After all, Rivers made a name for herself making fun of the ridiculousness of Hollywood, and is still firing one-liners at the biggest stars in the world now.

While her body double made sure Rivers smoked up Super Bowl Sunday, don't be surprised to see her mouth help her use that exposure to enjoy a Betty White-like rise in popularity in the coming months. 

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