JJ Barea Girlfriend: Check out Mavericks’ Point Guard’s Biggest Victory

JJ Barea of the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks has won the contest for hottest girlfriend in the league.

In fact, he may even win a contest for hottest girlfriend on the planet. She is Puerto Rican native Zuleyka Rivera and she's the winner of the 2006 Miss Universe competition. She is not only the most beautiful women in Barea's home country...she was the hottest girl on the face of the earth.

And you thought winning an NBA Championship was his biggest accomplishment.

Barea has been extremely humble when talking about his girlfriend. He claims to have sent a few innocent text messages to her when trying to court the drop-dead beauty.

I simple "Hope your doing good" later and Barea is the luckiest man in the NBA. Is capturing supermodels that easy?

Now that he is a free agent...will the g/f be trying to make a move to a media capital? Will she force his hand the way LaLa did with Carmelo Anthony to New York?

Highly unlikely considering they don't even live together. It's the perfect setup for a guy and I speak for all men when I say congrats to JJ.

He may even use the NBA lockout as an excuse to go play in Spain. Barea has told reporters he wants a deal to get done, but if not, overseas teams are certainly an option. Will she follow him all the way across the world?

The only problem that may arise is the size disadvantage for Barea. Of course this is nothing new, but Barea is the short guy in the relationship. He may be listed at 6-0, but everyone can agree he is much closer to 5-10 and may even be shorter than that.

So when the 5-9 Rivera is wearing heels—once again Barea is the smallest guy out there.

If that's the worst problem the couple is having...I'm pretty sure Barea is ok with that.

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