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Congrats On Winning


Winner announced…..if u missed out…there will be more…so bookmark us.

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  1. Hussain says:

    I love Final Fantasy, I think it’s orgasmic, I love the way, I think if you gave it to me I would get more people to come to your site and make love to you.

  2. digital ink says:

    Final Fantasy is a series that has set the standard for JRPG’s and then it has raised the bar many times over.

    Final Fantasy games include involve some of the coolest characters and environments in video game history. It would be a crime not to play its newest addition. . I would love to get my hands on this game and that limited edition guide it would add nice to my collection.

    I could type more but would be afraid to miss out in the top 100. Pick me!!!

  3. Mandako says:

    hey, this is an awesome contest. i dont usually see this around. i love final fantasy and all of the universes squeenix makes – really want to win, ive been a fan for years. u should send to me because i deserve it? lol thanks man

  4. Alex says:

    I like the series because of the imaginative worlds that the series encompasses. I remember a couple years ago, before Square was Square-Enix, they had a tagline in advertisements that was something like “Pick a world. We’ll take you there.” I thought it was very appropriate.

  5. Josh says:

    The original Final Fantasy on the NES was my first exposure to the RPG genre. I was 9 and I wasn’t aware that starting a new game would overwrite the save game since the first FF only allowed one game to be saved at a time so my friend was a little more than pissed when she found out that I saved over her game when she was just a few dungeons away from finishing the game. After I bought the game, I played it constantly. I think my biggest peeve with the menu system was only being able to buy one of an item at a time so when I wanted to buy 99 potions, I used my NES Advantage controller and set the A button on turbo and taped it down

    2 years later my cousin wanted to show me a game he rented called Final Fantasy II. I was excited that a “sequel” was made and it became my new obsession. Since then I’d played every FF title released (with the exception of XI and XIII). Each game has immersed me like a good book.

  6. Fianissi says:

    nice blog u got here. gonna follow u on facebook soon. thx for the final fantasy giveaway, ive actually wanted to play this game, since all my friends been playin it but i have no job atm.. :/ really hope u understand my feelings and i get picked.. thx bro

  7. Ben says:

    I was introduced to Final Fantasy late, once Final Fantasy VIII was coming out. I had never seen anything like it and was instantly blown away. I was captivated by the worlds, characters, stories, music, experience, everything. Nobuo Uematsu has since become my favorite composer, and Final Fantasy my favorite game(s) of all time, even beating out the SMB3 I played as a kid. I spent the later part of my childhood growing up with Final Fantasy, and it has definitely affected who I am today. You should send it to me, because even though I already have the game, my girlfriend does not, and I know she would love this game. I want to pass the Final Fantasy experience on to someone else, just as I received it.

  8. Chris says:

    FF has been the king of the JRPG genre and I would love to try it on the next-gen systems, also they have reported on it possibly being the last of the series. Please pick me, I am working alot of hours to pay for school this fall and this would for sure save me some money.

  9. Fermi says:

    oh my god ive been looking for something like this! dude hope u can send to me, i really want this! love everything about ff, ill spread the word about this! ^_^y

  10. Rob says:

    I would love to win this game and play it through and through.I remember the days watching my older cousin for hours play ff1 on the nes and then him letting me borrow his nes to play it.Since then we’ve always played ff games and talked about how to beat this boss and where to find what items..Sadly he passed away a few years ago,but I will always love the final fantasy series and the memories it has brought me.

  11. Jenzo says:

    Hi, first of all, thank you for the contest. This is a really generous move on your part, and I hope I check my inbox in the few days to jump at an email from you

    Anyway, FF is my FAVORITE video game series of all time, other than being an FPS-craze, I’m pretty sure I’ve played too many JRPGs lol. though, most of them don’t come close to the level of a final fantasy game.

    Please send to me, because I’m a loyal fan!

  12. PoNiZ says:

    no doubt if i get this game i will play it so much. i remember seeing this at e3 and remembering all the good times ive had with this franchise. its just revolutionary what final fantasy always brings to the table. my friends have told me that all the reviews are wrong, and i want to see it for myself. hope i get that email, thanks bro

  13. Ryan B says:

    Every christmas i would get a new final fantasy and wouldn’t look at any other present until i beat it. I even got so drawn in i ended up playing FFX twice. i really hope i get the new game. i have probably looked up every piece of info that has been released since the first screenshots.

  14. Dean says:

    I’ve always believe the final fantasy series to be the trademark in RPGs for numerous reasons. It represents epic storytelling, exhilarating combat and top of the line graphics and music. The combination of which have made for many historic games that I still remember to this day.

    To me final fantasy has grown as an addiction with so many memories. I have chased after all of the games and remakes to add to my collection of games where where they would soon go on my favorite games list.

    My last comment is that I think I deserve this soon to be legendary game and guide because I am a true fan of the series. I live and die with final fantasy!

  15. Brad Zywicki says:

    I love the Final Fantasy games. They mainly got me started into my love of rpgs in general. I remember my first rpg I bought was Final Fantasy 8 and I fell in love with it. To this day its still one of my favorite rpgs, if not my favorite. I hope you pick me for that copy of FF13. I could use some more ps3 games. I only own 6 at the moment and am always looking for more great games to add to my library.

  16. iLoMo says:

    as a long time fan, i want to thank you for holding such a great contest. no matter what, someone is going to go home with a great game and hours to shell into a great experience. as for that person.. I hope it’s me.. having played most of the FFs, I can say that whatever this game turns out to be when I put my hands on the controller, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. thanks again

  17. chickenbutt says:

    The Final Fantasy series has always been some of the most fun for me
    Whenever I got one of the games, I would play the hell outta it.

  18. BwCasey says:

    hi, my dad is a great fan of this series, and it’s his birthday next week, but i’m totally out of cash.. this would be a great gift for him, and I’m sure he would LOVE to play it. really hoping that i get picked here to send it to him, im sorry i cant say much about the series itself though. thank you my good friend

  19. Rubes says:

    I use to play this game with my dad back on PS1, he bought it for me and I still have it in my closet, it’d be great to win as I could give this to him as a gift.

  20. RonJ says:

    cool website. seems like my kinda blog no joke time to bookmark =o anyway, appreciate this giveaway, i really hope that randomizer likes me ^^ i love FF no matter the game. they are always great and square enix never disappoints IMO

  21. Chris says:

    I’m a newcomer to the series (even at 29 years old) and believe it or not, I’m interested in this game because of the linear nature of it. I don’t want to have to explore every nook and cranny to play a game any more.

    I’d love to be able to play it with the free time I’ve got having recently been laid off (honest, it sucks but it’s true).

  22. scully says:

    hi, i hope i win. thank you for holding this. :]

  23. JoeyIA says:

    I haven’t played an FF game since X-2 & everyone at work says that this game is great, I’d love to give it a try.

    *crosses fingers* hope the random-name-selector-thing likes me

  24. Khalid says:

    I love final fantasy, one of my favorite RPG with suikoden. Final fantasy 1 is the first RPG I ever played and FF9 is my favorite one .

    The guide would help me in getting all the achievements in-game!

  25. SM says:

    I’ve enjoyed pretty much every console FF game since the first on the NES. I have preordered each one to make sure I can pick them up and play em right away. Since you didnt ask, FF III (SNES) has been my favorite, for its exceptional cast of characters.

    You should send it to me so I can keep a pristine copy of the game and guide in my collection. These are wonderful items and deserve to be treasured.

    thanks for hosting this contest as well!

  26. Hostile says:

    I love this series! Every new game is different from the last and Square is willing to experiment with the formula.

  27. chun says:

    i have been a fan of ff since the snes era. like almost everyone else i have been waiting for this game to come out for a long time now. Thanks for having a contest hope i can win this and play it

  28. Charles says:

    hey, i picked up a PS3 recently for this game, but due to medical problems, i was unable to buy the actual game.. i hope u can help me out there bud, because this would be one of the best gifts for me right now.. was going to sell my PS3, but if i can win this, ill definitely change my mind. it’s been so long since ive been wanting to play this in my hands.. it might come true thanks to u man. THANK YOU!!

  29. David hamill says:

    Hey this is a contest that emanates pure unadulterated awesomeness!

    Anyways, I have long been a fan of final fantasy. In fact, one of the reasons I became a gamer was because of final fantasy iii on the snes! I played that game so many times, I was surprised the cartridge still works. And ever since then, I’ve played every final fantasy ever released. 8, 10, 6 and 7 being my favs!

    Next up: you should give me this game because I am what moat refer to as broke! I won’t be able to afford final fantasy xiii until it hits the bargain bin…which will be a while. So, if you can send me this game, you’ll be majorly helping out a fellow final fantasyer in need!

  30. Matthew Segura says:

    Have been playing final Fantasy since part 1 on the NES and would love to play this one too!

  31. Lemio says:

    The Final Fantasy series has always inspired me. It is what made me become a film major and got me into writing stories. They have a lot of influence in my stories.

  32. Dodgeme says:

    I have just recently been introduced to the Final Fantasy series thanks to a few of my friends and now have been working on slowly beating each one and adding it to my collection. I started with Final Fantasy 3 on my SNES which is and still is my favorite SNES game as well as my favorite. Everything about that game was perfect and I still want to play it again in the future.

    My next Final Fantasy was 10 for the PS2 and let me say I enjoyed that as well. Blitzball still owns. I have been planning on buying 13 eventually but free is always better lol. Thanks for the contest.

  33. Jeffery Lee says:

    My girlfriend fell in love with FF8 and has played every game since… money’s kinda tight now, and it would be a perfect gift for her birthday.

  34. Steven says:

    I have been playing FF since the 7th game and you should give me it because I would love to catch up

  35. Ethan McElhinny says:

    Reasons to love the Final Fantasy series? For me it has always been the story and characters. My life will not be complete until I get to play the story of Final Fantasy 13…so maybe luck will be on my side.

  36. Sp4ndocious says:

    this is amazing. its so awesome there are generous people out there when money is low, and you have been wanting to play something for so long. im another one of those long time FF fans, since FF IV and let me tell you.. this franchise is what has made it for me. i would never have gotten into RPGs if not for final fantasy. man, i dont know how giddy i would get if i won this haha.. anyway, thank you man and good luck to everyone.

  37. FF13-WiSH says:

    oo i just got done tellin friends when i forgot i havent posted yet lool. well here i am. im so excited about this, hoping i really can win. that would be one of the happiest days ive ever had.. this is one of those games that you cant miss out, but unfortunately, financially, i might have to do just that if i dont win here.. well, heres hoping that i may get lucky! after watching SO many videos and reading up on this so much, i really want to win.. thank you.

  38. Zilla says:

    I enjoy the Final Fantasy series because it is because of them I started to play and love RPG games. This guide would be a great help since I’m currently playing through FFXIII and Odin is a real pain in my rear!

  39. KOALOCA says:

    dang i think i just barely made it in time. almost @ 100. this is so crazy thank u man i love you for doing this. im going to go massage that randomizer’s feet hoping i win LOL i would do anything as a crazy final fantasy fan man. and the guide too.. i love playin jrpgs with guides, so i can get everything smoothly and have a fun playthrough.

    thanks again dude

  40. aburtons says:

    Thanks for the great contest!

    I play Final Fantasy for the memorable characters and the great stories that bring them together. The amount of time that these game’s require of players to build up their characters to ultimately progress through the story can be a lot, however I’ve found that with Final Fantasy games, it is always time well spent.

  41. Skatalite says:

    hey, ive frequented ur blog here for a long time jay and this is a real cool giveaway ur doing. i hope a lot of the people here appreciate what ur doing, giving away $100 worth of stuff. hope that im considered; ive heard and seen so much about this game, that im hyped up to get myself into a great jrpg experience. cant wait to play the rest of fabula nova crystallis after this too. tetsuya is doin a great job lemme tell u that. and hamauzu is a great replacement for uematsu, with his excellent music

  42. atilary says:

    I could say a bunch of stuff about how sitting down to play FF game is nostalgic and reminds me of when I was, or how many hours I’ve dumped into the other FF games, but quite honestly I deserve it because I will play the game. I will sit down and play the crap out of it. In fact, in two weeks after receiving it my face will start showing up on milk cartoons nationwide and my friends will cry. Plus, you can count it as a wedding present as well, and by my calculations, if I win this game, I will be able to have played through it at least once to completion before I get married on May 22.

    So, that being said, let’s get this thing done with.

  43. Tristan says:

    Final Fantasy holds very special place in my childhood. I was introduced to Final Fantasy VIII in middle school and fell in love with it. Unlike most, my first FF wasn’t VII. VIII dragged me in with its amazing characters, story, graphics (at the time, lol), and music. As far as I was concerned, no other game could even come close.

    When IX came out, I was confused. The character and art style was so much different then what I was used to in VIII. But then I played it. IX was amazing. But, little did I know, the best was yet to come.

    X was, and is, my favorite Final Fantasy ever. The story was phenomenal, the graphics blew me away, and the music was beautiful as usual.

    I never got a chance to play XI or XII. I would have loved to, but with XIII already out, my sights are now set on it alone. I would love an opportunity to play this critically acclaimed entry, especially since I’ve been away from the series for so long.

  44. CUJO says:

    THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME! DUDE THANK YOU FOR THIS PLZZ LET ME WIN! FINAL FANTASY – GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN TO THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY, (HAPPENING LOL). sorry for the caps, but DANG this is beautiful. i cant think of a better contest. watch out for your website, i will be telling everyone i know about ur blog. you deserve it man, this is so cool. thanks

  45. Dory says:

    hello, im interested in this because i want to play the game and share the experience with my little brother. we play our ps3 often, and he loves the final fantasy series, because i bought ff vii on PSN store. im sure he would love this as well. thank you.

  46. Glasseater says:

    I really want FF13 so i can give away to my best friend. hes really into the FF series, but is in a financial situation. Cheers if i win it for him!

  47. Andy says:

    I think FF13 is an excellent game, and I’d like to delve deeper into the paradigm shift system as well as the story. Thank you very much for hosting a contest like this, your fans appreciate it very much.

  48. Monkey0111 says:

    I like the Final Fantasy series because of the turn based battles. It’s very fun to strategically plan out an attack. I also like that each game in the series is very different and you never know what to expect. With Final Fantasy 13, the battles are supposedly very fast paced like Final Fantasy X2! Which is a good thing because X2 is one of my favorite games in the series.

  49. Rasi says:

    i really want this game so that i can play it for the great story everyone has been telling me it has. i could care less about those stupid reviews that’ve been made, because i know their all influenced by the press. my friends have told me the truth about the great game it is, so i hope i can join in on this fun

    thank you

  50. Rufflo says:

    You’ve given us all a great opportunity! I want to thank you for that! I also hope I can win! ^_^ I’ve constantly seen game play videos and heard the soundtrack over and over, since e3 has shown up. It’s wondrous that I have an opportunity like this to win the game thanks to you. My PS3 can be lit up with a great game once again!