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Is Halle Berry About To Take Her Third Trip Down The Aisle??

Halle Berry Engagement Ring

Recent pictures of Halle Berry and her iced-out, left-hand ring finger have sparked a few rumors in Hollyweird.

One is that Olivier Martinez popped the question and is on his way to becoming Mr. Berry number three. But with the ring not looking quite like any traditional engagement ring, there is another theory also.

If Halle Berry is dropping hints for boyfriend Olivier Martinez then this is one he surely can’t miss.

The actress stepped out to run errands today modelling a huge piece of shiny jewellery on her wedding finger.

The ring was certainly unmissable, particularly compared to her otherwise unremarkable black and grey outfit of jeans and jumper.

So which do you think it is: is an engagement announcement on it’s way? Is Halle trying to put the full-court press on her Frenchie poo boo? Or are people just jumping to conclusions?

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