Is 2011 the year of the re-boot?

2010 may well go down in history as a number of things: Apart from not being the last year of the decade, it signified a year of substantial innovation across the industry for both Sony, Microsoft and even Nintendo. 2010 was the year that mobile gaming went viral and independent arcade games cracked the 1GB download size to rock it with the big boys. 3D is no longer a buzz word, and with the decline of “music rhythm games” a nice gap has opened for “Zumba dance games”. There was a surge of racing fanaticism at the end of year, and if my short stint in retail taught me anything, is that sales in steering wheels and turtle beach head gear were just as high as Kinect.

It struck me though, looking down the entrails of games coming out this year that 2011 just might be the most exciting year for core gamers in a long while, especially those fans that stick with their favourites because I think, 2011 is set to be the year of re-boots. I’m talking about a good ‘ol fashioned boot in the…