Irina Shayk: Did Sports Illustrated Make The Right Choice With Cover Model?

Irina Shayk Will Grace the Cover of Upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 

Well that cat jumped out of the bag fairly quickly. What was supposed to be revealed on the Late Show With David Letterman will instead be an understood fact by air time tonight. The much heralded title of SI cover-girl will go to none other than Irina Shayk. 

Irina is the current girlfriend of soccer wunderkind Cristiano Ronaldo. The news came quickly as Twitter author Rana Wardlaw snapped off a billboard sized photo of the upcoming cover. The tweet and photo can be seen here.

Many might have thought that Brooklyn Decker was a shoe in for the title. She has a new movie out with Adam Sandler entitle 'Just Go With It' and seems to be the latest model to move her talents to Hollywood.

Sports Illustrated have chosen wisely. Seeing the very gorgeous Shayk on the cover will sell millions of issues. She is sexy with enough sophistication to warrant the weight of such a publication.

Shayk will join a bevy of other stars within the issue. Decker will of course be involved as well as Julie Henderson and Hilary Rhoda. This could be one of the best swimsuit issues in recent memory. 

The only way the foul this up is if they re-introduce 3D within the pages. I may not be a smart man, but I think it is counterproductive to annoy your viewers while they are trying to ogle hot women.

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