Hopkins vs Pascal Results: Predictions Through the First Two Rounds

While every boxing fan in the world is waiting for the official results from tonight's big boxing rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal, I figured it'd be a good idea to over some predictions. Instead of boring you with one long post predicting the entire fight, I'll break it down into rounds.

In round one, I anticipate Bernard Hopkins coming out of his corner very aggressively while Jean Pascal is a little hesitant and cautious to throw punches. The Executioner's aggressiveness looks great to the fans, but he never lands a really clean punch.

Pascal continues to back up and pick his shots very carefully. However, his cautious attitude in round one causes him to lose the round. Hopkins takes Round one, 10-9.

In round 2, Hopkins' aggression has worn down a bit, but he's still pressing the action. With about 1:30 left in the round Pascal finally seems to be finding his groove. He hits Hopkins with a beautiful counter which causes B-Hop to take a step back.

Hopkins flurries in the last 30 seconds and lands a clean right hook of his own while Pascal is on the ropes.

Round two is a close round, but Hopkins steals it. 20-18 Hopkins.

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