Green Bay Packers: Packers Defense Will Give Offense A Chance To Win

The Green Bay Packers have a potent defense, but it won’t mean anything if they let Ben Roethlisberger make play after play on Sunday.

Clay Matthews is a playmaker, and he has the potential to make game-changing plays this Sunday. The Steeelers offensive line is vulnerable, and if Matthews can bust through, he has the speed to catch Roethlisberger before Roethlisberger can escape the pocket and make something out of nothing.

The Packers defense is ranked fifth against the pass, meaning it’s not going to be as easy for Roethlisberger to find seams in the coverage as he could against other teams.

The main thing the Packers have to do is just keep the receivers covered. The Steelers offensive line is bad enough that as long as you keep the receivers covered, the rest will take care of itself.

The reason Roethlisberger often is able to make a play while on the run with three guys nipping at his heels is because the coverage breaks down as the receivers break off of their routes. The Packers secondary has to stay on their assignment until the whistle blows, no matter which way they cut and no matter what’s going on in the backfield.

That’s the winning gameplan for the Packers.

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