Germany vs. Israel: Guy Pnini Will Get Torched by Dirk Nowitzki

Germany Face Israel in 2011 Eurobasket Opener

Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Kaman, and his German teammates will launch their bid to win the 2011 Eurobasket today at 2:00 PM EST. Unfortunately for Guy Pnini, they play Israel in the opening round.

Pnini is going to be given the daunting task of having to cover Nowitzki in Israel's first game, and it is not going to end well for the Israel star forward.

Dirk is just too big and too athletic. He can dominate on the perimeter, off the dribble, and in the post. Pnini won't be able to cover him inside and Dirk is too long to him to be a serious threat defensively on the perimeter.

Pnini is one of the best players on a very underrated Israel team, but he stands no chance of slowing down one of the best players in the world.

Nowitzki is in a league of his own and is going to prove that when he takes the court against Israel. Look for Nowitzki to easily top the 30 point mark for Germany, and if the game is close in the second half he will easily clear 40 points.

Nowitzki will be the star of this tournament, and he will come to play in the opening game.

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