Fantasy Football Rankings 2011: 3 Players To Avoid in Early Rounds

If there is one thing I know about fantasy football, it’s that drafting the wrong player in the early rounds of your draft can absolutely destroy any chances you had a winning your league.

Maybe you think that’s an overstatement, but I can guarantee you that the NFL is really that finicky, and drafting in fantasy football takes a lot more skill than people give it credit for.

Technically being a great fantasy football owner is more of an art form than anything.

You have to balance luck with research, intuition, past performance, surrounding factors, and all the other players in your league.

If there was a formula that worked we’d all be using it, but there’s not.

One way to set yourself apart from the other owners in your league though is to be aware of players that you need to avoid, as they will most likely be busts.

Here are three players that you need to be aware of:

Matthew Stafford, QB Lions:

Based on the preseason many people are starting to pick Matt Stafford really high in fantasy drafts, but I would urge you to take a minute and think about the risks and rewards of taking him high. While he has looked spectacular this preseason, keep in mind it’s only the preseason. He’s had a history of severe injuries and making bad decisions with the football. He could end up being great, but far too risky to pick high before we’ve even seen him play in the regular season.

Arian Foster, RB Texans:

Many drafts have Foster as the No. 1 ranked player, which I could not disagree more with. He only has one good year under his belt, and he’s already had two hamstring injuries this preseason. While a hammy isn’t that big of a concern, I do feel it may end up hindering his overall production. Consider that he also lost the best blocking fullback in the league when Vonta Leach went to the Ravens, and it looks like he’s in for a down year.

Greg Jennings, WR Packers:

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jennings will be one of the best receivers in the league. I also think you need to look at the circumstances around him though. Rodgers has a plethora of receivers that he is continually growing more comfortable with, the Packers running game should get back on track, and tight end Jermichael Finley is going to warrant a lot of the throws Jennings would normally get. Do I think Jennings is always good for at least a touchdown a game? I have no problem saying of course to that question. But, is he going to put up the same numbers as last year? I think that is going to be a guaranteed no.

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