Does hiring John Elway make sense?

Does the hiring of John Elway make any sense for the Denver Broncos? Seriously. John Elway admitted this week on his radio show that he has spoken with Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and has expressed his interest in joining the Broncos as the team’s top football executive. I understand that Denver has some PR issues they need to address but does this move make any sense?
John Elway will always be in the hearts of Broncos fans, but is a possible hiring of Elway simply a PR move? Teams often bring back stars and give them positions with the team for various roles but exactly what experience does Elway have as being a teams top executive?
Elawy denied that he has any interest in becoming the teams head coach or general manager, which is a very good thing as he has no experience in those departments at all.
I just have to wonder if this possible move is nothing more than a figurative show to the disgruntled fan base that they are doing something, anything to distance themse…