Does Chilli Have A Better Chance At Getting It On With A Turkey Baster Or Finding A Man???

What Chilli Wants???

Chilli’s 2nd season of “What Chilli Wants?” airs on January 2, 2011, as she continues to look for love. She’s still not budging when it comes to the list that names everything she wants in a man… We’re not even sure if one of Jesus’ disciples would be able to win Chili’s heart. In a recent interview, Chilli speaks on her dream guy having a high sperm count… SMH!!!

“I can’t imagine bringing someone around my son who is not an extraordinary man. He already has an active father [ex-husband Dallas Austin], so whoever is going to be my husband has to be a good figure for my son and add to our family…
But with her biological clock ticking, Chilli admits she’s hoping to find a man soon because she wants more children. “I’m straight up and told all the guys this season I wanted kids. It probably made some of them nervous, but it shouldn’t. I just need to know if we’re on the same page or not because I want more kids.”

Will Chilli be able to find Mr. Right – Father – Right Sperm Count???


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