Dirk Nowitzki Girlfriend: How Does Latest Girlfriend Compare to Former Fling?

Dirk Nowitzki's new girlfriend is about one million times better than his last one.

Dirk spent the past season conquering his demons of the past by finishing what he started and winning an NBA Championship. Not only did Dirk win, his Dallas Mavericks beat the big bad Miami Heat that are the villains of the NBA. The entire nation was rooting for the German Mongoose and the ending was straight out of a Hollywood script.

The same could be said his previous venture with love.

Dirk was the guy that got completely humiliated by a women that was out to squeeze every last dollar out of him. Cristal Taylor had claimed she was pregnant with the baby of Dirk and conveniently made the announcement after the two had broken off their engagement and she was getting booked into prison. 

The rap sheet on Taylor is incredibly long. She was sent to jail for violating the terms of probation from multiple prior arrests for charges such as forgery, theft, and theft of service. She has been booked into jail as Cristal Taylor, but according to numerous media sources, she has also gone by as many as 16 aliases as listed on police documents.

Former St. Louis Rams QB Tony Banks has also admitted to having a long term relationship with Taylor.

It was an incredible embarrassment for Dirk and something he tried to avoid publicly at all costs.

Now he seems as happy as ever with new girlfriend Jessica Olsson. The Sweedish bombshell pictured above has been dating the Mavs star for a year now and the couple sound extremely happy together. Not much is known about her personal life and I think he can all agree that is a good thing.

The less we know about an athletes girlfriend the better and Dirk found that out the hard way.

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