Diego Maradona: Soccer Legend Alive After Being Bulldozed by a Bus

Diego Maradona is arguably the greatest soccer in the history of the sport.  The Argentinean legend hasn’t been able to stay out of the news since his retirement from professional soccer for a variety of reasons good and bad.  According to Yahoo! he was involved in a crash on Monday night.

Maradona’s car skidded into a bus while leaving his home, but he and his girlfriend were alright.  Veronica, his girlfriend, wasn’t wearing a seat belt so her hip was injured in the crash, but it was only minor. 

Maradona was in the news most recently for defending star Argentina player Lionel Messi after Messi was taking heat for not living up to expectations at the Copa America.  According to ESPN, Maradona talked about how he’s been in his shoes saying:

“I want to defend Messi.  The national team didn't attack at all and we blame him.  We are being very unfair to Messi when I hear all those idiots slamming him.  I spoke to him during the week and I told him to remain calm.  Before the 1986 World Cup, I was a disaster and I was criticized by 80 percent of the journalists [in Argentina].  Later, there wasn't one who didn't ask me for a story, so I can understand what's going on.” 

He coached the Argentinean national team from 2008 to 2010.  Maradona is currently the manager for the Al-Wasl FC in Dubai. 

He has made great strides to get away from his troubled past since retirement.  Maradona struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years, but is now free of each.  He definitely has worked hard to clean up his once controversial image.

Good to see Maradona is alright.


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