Detroit Lions: 6 Veterans Set to Be Released That the Lions Could Pick Up

There are six veterans that could be cut during the 2012 NFL Free Agency period that should pique the interest of the Detroit Lions.

Everybody wants to land the steal of the draft. An unknown fifth-rounder who goes on to have a 10-year seven-time Pro Bowl career. Rarely does this occur, especially in today’s NFL with the research involved prior to the draft.

When the draft does not provide all the necessary players, teams turn to free agency and pay the premium price for the men they value.

After that, we get to the cut veterans. Players that are unwanted by their own teams—be it for financial or performance reasons—these elder statesmen become available and are normally signed for reasonable price.

Following are six players who will likely fit the latter category and become available. Some will be coveted, while others will head into free agency relatively unnoticed. Either way, it would be in the Lions' best interest if they kicked the tires on this six-pack of veteran players.

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