Derek Sherrod or T.J. Lang: Who Will Win Green Bay’s Left Guard Position?

One of the very few positions left that are up for grabs in Green Bay is the left guard position, where left guard Daryn Colledge recently left in free agency.

Colledge has been a solid and reliable starter for Green Bay. While he has certainly contributed to the team, he was one of those players that made you think "he's good, but I just can't shake that feeling that we can do better."

We wish him well in Arizona.

The spot is now a game of tug-of-war between first round pick Derek Sherrod and T.J. Lang, and the coaches like what they see so far from the both of them.

Lang first saw action in 2009, when the Packers faced the Minnesota Vikings in the Metrodome. Although he gave up a few sacks, he looked mighty impressive for a rookie. He continued his impressive resume all the way to playoffs, where he would switch from right tackle to left tackle.

Strangely, he was seldom used in the 2010 season. His wrist surgery kept him from attending any offseason OTA's, and the lock-out this year has kept him from making any significant progress towards becoming a full time starter.

But that may change this year.

Sherrod played well in the preseason opener against Cleveland, but it's clear that right now, he's more of a left tackle than a left guard. Though obviously that could change, with time and practice.

As it stands right now, Lang is the favorite to win the left guard position. And with that said, Green Bay has no clear holes among their offensive line and Aaron Rodgers may finally have the kind of protection that he deserves.

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