Derek Anderson: Former NBA Star Will Cause David Stern to Punish Zach Randolph

Former NBA star Derek Anderson is being linked by a convict to funding a cocaine ring, which will cause NBA Commissioner David Stern to punish Zach Randolph to send a message to the rest of his league.

Stern has done just about everything he can think of to change the culture and negative image of his league, but mishaps still happen. He needs to send a forceful message to Randolph, who recently had police raid his house to investigate a drug-related beating. The recent report regarding Anderson’s past leaking the same week as the Randolph incident will tie Stern’s hand.

“ reports that Francois Cunningham, a Kentucky man who admitted to police that he was involved in purchases of kilograms of cocaine and that he caused the deaths of two people by allegedly throwing a molotov cocktail into their vehicle, is providing additional information into murders committed by his associates and the workings of the drug organization he was involved in as part of a "deal for early release."

In a taped interview with a police detective, Cunningham stated that former NBA player Derek Anderson bankrolled the drug operation.

Butler: ‘Was Derek Anderson ever present when you all bought narcotics?’

Cunningham: ‘Nah, he stays away from you know, he's just the money and he's not going to get around any of it but, that's who funnels the money,’” said Cunningham per CBS Sports’ Ben Golliver.

It doesn’t matter to Stern how or when it took place, Anderson earned that money through Stern’s league and puts another black eye on the NBA. Stern will never stand for this and Z-Bo will feel the brunt of the pain.

Z-Bo has been a head case during his time in the NBA and this may very well be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Commish will look to put an end to Z-Bo’s troubled nature for good by hitting him where it hurts—the wallet. Stern will most likely suspend and fine Z-Bo just for being related to such a drug related incident, especially since it occurred as his home.

Stern may not be able to get to Anderson, but the rest of the NBA will feel the effects of Anderson’s actions. The players can backlash all they want, but Stern holds the power in this situation and won’t receive much backlash for trying to keep his players clean and trouble free.

As for Anderson, good riddance. The truth will come out and nobody will have an ounce of sympathy if there is proof he helped funnel a cocaine ring. The 37-year-old wasn’t a superstar during his time and nobody even remembers who he was. He will forever be remembered as the guy that was allegedly funding a cocaine ring and nothing more.